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no one writes reviews without deciding how good it was first. the problem is people write one line reviews that don't give reasons for anything.

Exactly. But that reflects their sort of thinking.
If they even can't take some time to show what they think about something, how shall people improve?

I have a [newgrounds] philosophy. I never give bad scores, but I don't just run around slapping tens on everything I see. If the creation appeals to me, and has some value of excitement to it, I'll tell why I like it and give them a ten. Not a nine, six, or a four, always a ten. But there are always some people who choose to create something disgusting, hurtful, or just stupid. These submissions tend to lack effort. And if I find one of said creations, instead of giving a bad score, I just don't write a review. That way, opinions don't cloud my judgement.

No one should get a bad score.
Doesn't mean just anyone should get a good one.

But I think we SHOULD give bad scores.
It's the only way we have to learn: through our mistakes
And for some reason there's a 0-10 stars scale, we have to use every single one.
It can be hard to decide which grade to give, but that's no escuse.
I understand your philosophy, but don't agree in totality with it, since giving a good score to something you thought had potential or something, doesn't mean it's good. It should be aknowledged what to improve. And it should be diferenciated between those who are good and those who make very good and even extraordinary stuff.