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Yeah that's funny.
Nice song, very entertaining and great animations ;P

Wonderful animation.
Almost made me cry, and I gasped in the end.
By the way, the rain falling in the water was superbly animated.
And the monster... Great imagination, reminds of Hayao Miyazaki.
Just wonderful. This is what I always expect to see

Power Rangers just got a lot cooler!!
Great animation. And without any music and voices... "sounds" way better

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I like that the score goes down.
It's a little change that makes all the difference. Instead of catching coins or defeating enemies, trying to make as many points as possible, you're trying to pass the level as perfectly and slowly as possible.
Good job.

Great job!
A simple style of animation and simple controls was all it took to make this a fun but still challenging game.
I would love to see other games like this ;)

A bit better than your Team Fortress 2 Free Fall, but not good enough still.
The character and environment are on the same page this time, but again, when I fall, I lose without hope of continuing. Pity.
Continue. You'll do better next time

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Prince of music

Seems taken out from one of the Prince of Persia Games.
Since they are my favorite games ever, that's saying a lot.
Gives a well known but never too much spent ambience.
It's wonderful to hear.

Psychologically attached

This may be a bit slushy, but this could be a song from the Twilight movie soundtrack.
I'm saying this because it has all the emotion needed, due to the piano and violin junction, that works wonderfully.
It has obvious inspiration.
For this, I'm extremely grateful ;D

Recognized effort

If I'm not mistaken, you used the sound of a piano.
In contrast with the other electronic sounds, it's well thought and used.
The music itself isn't brilliant, but it's a good try, really
Nice work ;)

DJCHAPLIN responds:

ya it kind meshs together but ya you can kind of here what it could have been lol

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